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Bring Drops of Joy in the Pain

First off, thank YOU, thank you for subscribing, being inspired and inspiring and a part of this blog of processing and hope. I honestly don't have any idea how I would get through this life without the many of you who support me. One of the reasons for the blog was to communicate with you collectively, because I couldn't manage it one at a time. The response has been overwhelming,
uplifting and life giving.

Armchair Warrior These Days. 
I have posted a lot in the past two days.  Life being filled with processing grief, pain and yes, even great joys.

A note/rant on The Light Will Slaughter the Darkness
A testimony in Instagram 
A note about Little Angel (song available.)
Now a full fledged Blog!

Bring Drops of Joy In the Pain
Sunday morning at church, I had an intense worship time and posted about it on my IG account, link above.
We had empowering guests at the church, a couple, with offerings of hope, experience and strength. They have a wonderful ministry with a great book…