2020 Luccketta

Life looks different this year for certain.My youngest (16,) of 7, is a sophomore in HS. He chose homeschooling before the quarantine. His father was against it because Luccketta was in a wonderful school. He was in violin, theater (playing lead parts,) and still a Spartan competitor. He was active with no signs of any problems. Then he opened up to us.Luccketta wanted out because he was in so much pain watching his friends succumb to severe pressures and pain, to the point of suicide.
His schoolwork suffered.The minute the schools closed, his grades shot up to straight As. He was still active with his friends, but on his terms of love and tolerance. He wants to be part of the change, for good. I pray God shows him the path. One never knows...We all want that for our children, our youth, our community.We are the odd ones. We are not bogged down by the constraints of our imposed governmental pressure. We adhere to the laws, but we live life to it's fullest the best that we can. Yes…
The only opinion I will offer about current events. 
JULY 2020
These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone.
He that promotes peace, shall enter warfare to test all theories.   He that professes unity will see the painful lack of it, in isolation.  He who demands kindness in others will see a fire of rage surface,  alienating others, killing all kindess.
We shall overcome. The trials and obstacles were Christ's,  Mother Teresa's,  Ghandi's, Buddha's,  Martin Luther Kings and Martin Luther King Junior's and so many more.
Those of the greatest achievements of peace, went through hell. Those who promote hate and division appear to be in a spiral of consequential circumstances.  They are not.  They are comfortable in making no change, only unrest and disorder. They appear to be knowledgeable about certain aspects of discord, yet nary a one may bring hope or peace. They will flail and flounder and only the very evil will be remembered for their deeds. 
I hope, in peace, we can bri…

Lionhearts A place for all people. ALL

Ok, I neeeeeed to take one step forward at a time, to make it through the muck of hatred all around me.
I NEED to say one thing and one thing only AND THAT IS THIS WHOLE POST!

I am very busy with the reopening of our Non Profit Lionhearts Fitness.A place for all people. ALLIf you have read our mission statement, you will see it’s a requirement.All Youth, all abilities, all ages, all states, counties, financial/socioeconomics .When I “Interviewed" our new church, we had a meeting with the pastoral staff . I brought my teens, who already had faced racism in the South. The first question we asked: What do you think of HATE?
They looked at me quizzically. I played the word association game. I loudly said ”Homosexual, Native American, Hispanic, Fat, Skinny, Muslim????” They gave me the best answer to date. “We have many members who have problems/issues when they hear those words, and we are working on it, with love and education."BAM In my quest to learn more, after a few years in…

Idea to Implementation-A Calling

People often ask me "Why would you move from Monterey CA to Chattanooga TN?" I hear that question, at least once daily. My story is pretty much documented throughout this blog.

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been busy creating a non-profit called Lionhearts. Backing up...I was very ill. I was bedridden for many years. During that time I went back to school (Academy of Art University SF,), ran a business (I.E,) raised 7 kids...and did most of it from bed or in a sitting position. I became a research patient at Stanford, a long enough story in itself and became mobile.
We had a sprawling beautiful ranch and every dime we spent on living expenses was taking money away from the cause that I believe God called me to.
I had an amazing nonprofit called Artists4Change, encouraging all to use their talents to help their community, their world. We raised 10s of thousands of dollars for many different needs. I loved watching artists helping others. It was some of the mos…

Bring Drops of Joy in the Pain

First off, thank YOU, thank you for subscribing, being inspired and inspiring and a part of this blog of processing and hope. I honestly don't have any idea how I would get through this life without the many of you who support me. One of the reasons for the blog was to communicate with you collectively, because I couldn't manage it one at a time. The response has been overwhelming,
uplifting and life giving.

Armchair Warrior These Days. 
I have posted a lot in the past two days.  Life being filled with processing grief, pain and yes, even great joys.

A note/rant on The Light Will Slaughter the Darkness
A testimony in Instagram 
A note about Little Angel (song available.)
Now a full fledged Blog!

Bring Drops of Joy In the Pain
Sunday morning at church, I had an intense worship time and posted about it on my IG account, link above.
We had empowering guests at the church, a couple, with offerings of hope, experience and strength. They have a wonderful ministry with a great book…

Right of Passage, His and Mine. AROO!

Right of Passage, His and Mine. AROO! Death and dying: What is my biggest fear? Most would think my legacy. What will I leave behind? Who will they say I was?

No, not you, not society, but my children.
Yes, of course there is some vain concern about such things.
My biggest fear has always been the pain that I will leave behind.  I have gut wrenching overwhelming PTSD from the violence I have known, and the atrocious deaths I have faced,

I have felt more pain because of death and dying than I could ever explain here. At 17 I was at my mother's side, for the remaining months of her life. She succumbed the month after I turned 18.

I was the only one taking care of her. My father sent everyone else away. The pain it caused my siblings was unbearable. Not so much the death, as the absence from the process. I am the eldest and felt their pain, and watched as the years passed. I am the last surviving member of my immediate family of 7. My first husband died in an insane manner of violent …